The Centennial Wish, Yae Sakura joins the battle


Welcome to [Honkai Impact 3] Newest Update [Sakura Samsara]!
Battleship upgrade is now complete, thank you Captain for your patience. Ai-chan already has sent a 300 crystal (Only Lv.6 can collect) and Stamina Potion *1 compensation to the Captain's mailbox, make sure you collect it as soon as you can! (Login before Jan 23rd 04:00 GMT+8 to collect your compensation, you can't open your mail once it has expired)~

Part 1. Patch Notes:
1. Soul-Awakened Valkyrie - Yae Sakura joins the battle!

◆Character Info:
A-rank Valkyrie [Gyakushinn Miko]: [Crimson Impulse] Soul-Awakened version, creature-type melee Valkyrie that eliminates enemies with her marking abilities
S-rank Valkyrie [Goushinnso Memento]:[Shadow Dash] Soul-Awakened version, Mecha-type melee Valkyrie that manipulates Kinetic Energy to perform middle ranged AOE attacks. You can use [Goushinnso Memento] even if you haven't unlocked [Shadow Dash].

◆How to Get:
Captains can unlock the brand-new Yae Sakura by opening Expansion Supplies (Available from Jan 11th 12:00 to Jan 25th 12:00 GMT+8) or by collecting Yae Sakura's Souls ([Gyakushinn Miko] and [Goushinnso Memento]'s Character Cards and Soul Shardsare NOT available in Standard Supplies).

1) Yae Sakura is different from the other Valkyries, she shares the same character level as the other pre-Soul-Awakened Valkyries ([Crimson Impulse] and [Shadow Dash]) but doesn't share the same rank.
2) In the Valkyrie Menu, you can check/change to [Gyakushinn Miko] by tapping on [Crimson Impulse], and check/change to [Goushinnso Memento] by tapping on [Shadow Dash].
3) Yae Sakura will inherit the level and some of the skills of pre-Soul-Awakened Valkyries. The inherited skills are called Shared Skills, Shared Skills are unlocked when the Valkyrie with the highest rank has reached the required rank.
4) Yae Sakura's non-shared skills must be leveled up by using Skill Materials.
5) Yae Sakura's Soul and Skill Materials can be obtain in the Open World Beta game mode.

2. Open World Beta - Sakura Samsara
In a small village in the Far East, the inevitable wheel of fate has begun to turn...
A brand-new open world is waiting to be explored:

1) Adventure Request: Accept [Adventure Request]and get rewards.
2) Enshrine Exchange: Collect materials from Adventure Requests, and after fusing and forging them, get rare weapons and stigmata, you can also get Yae Sakura's Soul.
*Dark Jixuanyuan (T) can be earned with fusion.
3) Gourmet Festival: Captains can collect all sorts on ingredients in the Open World, then cook Boosting-type and Healing-type dishes. You can use these dishes to recover SP and HP or add Buffs to your Valkyries, Boosting-type dishes affect the whole team and last for a whole Samsara.
4) Other Info:
◆Captains can experience Yae Sakura's story by tapping on the [Attack] menu, then tap on [Extra Story] and select the Sakura Samsara Open World Beta.
◆Open World Beta game mode weekly reset time: every Monday, Thursday, Saturday at 03:00 ~ 04:00. Please note that Open World Beta game mode will not be available during the reset time.
◆Captains can enter Sakura Samsara's first Samsara after reaching Captain level 16.
◆After completing the third Samsara, Captains unlock Sakura Samsara's Extra Story. The story of [Demon in the Box] will be told in the Sakura Samsara Extra Story stages.

◆Extra Story: Captains can enter the Extra Story after reaching level 42. Unlocking both the Celestial Pavilion Map and Sakura Samsara's exclusive partner - Higokumaru. Higokumaru can provide the Captains with cool buffs, you can also use it to fish in the Celestial Pavilion.

3. Co-op Mode Upgraded
1) Co-op voice chat now available.
2) Auto-Matchmaking:
◆Daily Co-op Stages are replaced with Auto-Matchmaking Mode.
◆After using Daily Co-op Stages attempts and stamina, both the team leader and team members can earn the team leader reward;
◆After using all Co-op stages (Ex: Daily Co-op Stages, excluding Faction Events) attempts, Assist Mode become available (Maximum of 10 attempts for Assist Mode), using Assist Mode only costs 3 Stamina everytime, but the reward is also smaller.
◆Revamped the Co-op menu.

4. New Wishing Well
◆By using the Wishing Well, getting all the Stigma Set during UP is much easier.
◆Wishing Well Rules: After exchanging a certain number of UP Stigmata and Stigmata Resonators, a Wish becomes available. You can only Wish once every time the Wishing Well become available.
◆Special Rules: Once you collect a whole Stigma Set, once that set becomes available in the Wishing Well,if you have no less than 2000 Stigma Resonators and you have enough extra Stigmata, you can Wish for any piece of that Stigma Set.

5. Armada Commissions Upgraded
◆Armada members share the same Tasks, every member can complete 8 tasks every day.
◆After submitting the materials, the Tasks' Regular Rewards are stored into the Armada Reward Pool, including Gold, Armada Fuel and Ranger Emblem. It is also possible that you get extra random rare rewards in the Regular Rewards.
◆You can choose the Rewards you want by selecting the one you need, the more selections you have, the less chance you have to get each reward.
◆Every day at 20:00, rewards are sent out: Regular Reward Pool will sent based on each member's Contribution. Random Reward Pool will send rewards based on each member's Contribution, Rewards are kept for 24 hours.

6. Armory Update
Battleship Hyperion's Armory has now new weapons and new stigmata!
◆New Weapons: Sakura Blossom, Ice Epiphyllum, Ghostslayer Nagamitsu, Thunder Kikaku, etc.
◆New Stigmata: Siegfried Kaslana, Cecilia Schariac, Nohime, etc.
Some of the new equipment is obtainable within the Open World Beta [Enshrine Exchange] by fusing, other new equipment can be found in Supplies, Events, etc.

7. Shop Update
◆Logistics Terminal Shop's 3-star equipment crystal price has a 30% discount.
◆Exchange Shop's Lv.1-4 Acceleration cards are replaced by Lv.1 Acceleration cards.
◆Exchange Shop's Stigma Dark Jixuanyuan (B), Weapon Cyclops PRI, Plasma Kagehide, Fafnir Flame and Einstein will all be moved to the Memory Shop.
◆Fafnir Flame, Plasma Kagehide, Weapon Cyclops PRI, exchange price has been reduced from 175 Anti-Entropy Imaginary Cores to 150 Anti-Entropy Imaginary Cores.
◆Armada Terminal: Increased the monthly limit purchases for Standard Supply Cards.

8. Other Updates
◆Abyss Exclusive Emblems: obtain promotion from Infinite, Redlotus, Agony Abyss and get Exclusive Emblems.
◆Newly added: Account buff feature.
◆Newly added Double Captain EXP, Double Valkyrie EXP, Double Gold Item.

9. Bronya Buff
Attack button is not locked when the laser is overheating, non-charge attacks can still be used.
The timing on Evasion has been optimized to feel more natural, Evasion skill icon has been optimized.
The angle in which you can successfully block when holding the shield in defense mode is now bigger.

◆Deep Snow
Enemies will be damaged by Ice Blast after the Ultimate has ended.
The timing on Evasion has been optimized to feel more natural, Evasion skill icon has been optimized.
Counterstrike is now harder to interrupt.
When in Burst mode, the last hit's animation has been optimized, the area of effect and damage have been increased.
Full Defense Skill is now unlockable at S-rank, skill has been changed to: Triggers Project Bunny when attacked, can't be interrupted. Decreases all damage taken. Permanent Effect.
Counterstrike is now harder to interrupt.
Added a new default skill [Dimensional Walking], after moving for 2 seconds, you enter Dimensional Walking, increasing movement speed.
Ultimate effect has been increased, dealing direct damage after activation
Once Ultimate Project Bunny has left, attack animation has been optimized, and smash ground attack has been added.

Part2. Optimizations and Changes
1. Armada Optimization
◆Armada Friend Support now also benefits from the Leader Skills bonus.
◆Workshop, Treasury, Hangar buttons were changed according to their names.
◆A large amount of player achievements are now removed from the Central Intelligence Room's announcements.
◆You can now send mails to Armada Members in the Armada Administration.
◆There is now a section for Armada Contact in the Armada Announcements
◆Items in the Warehouse have now their quantity showed below their icon.
◆Armada Boss and Armada Exploration are now separated.
◆Armada Boss availability and difficulty have been modified。
◆Armada Boss reward distribution is now based on damage dealt.
◆Armada Boss can now be played in co-op mode, Captains can now fight bosses with their friends.
◆Armada Shop now has increased monthly limit for purchasing Standard Supply Cards and new 3-star equipment to exchange.

2. Beginner Changes
◆New Captains now have to reach level 10 before joining an Armada, and reach level 20 to create an Armada.
◆Added new Timed Challenges for beginners, removed some tutorial side missions, they were put in the Beginner Training instead.
◆Beginner 7 days login reward has been changed: the reward for logging on the 7th day is now a B-rank Himeko Valkyrie: Battle Storm Character Card. If you already have that character, it will automatically convert to fragments.
◆Requirements to obtain the first 4 Valkyries (White Comet, Crimson Impulse, Chariot, Battle Storm) are now shown if you don't have them yet.
◆When playing Storyline Missions, players below Level 40 will receive extra buffs in battle.
a.Time Fracture's cooldown is greatly reduced.
b.SP recovery is greatly increased.
c.All damage and attack speed are greatly increased for a period of time after triggering a Time Fracture.
◆Captains below Level 50 will automatically receive a 50% Captain EXP Bonus when completing stages (only active when completing the Stage).
◆ Newly added Skill Point Achievement, every time a new character is unlocked, the corresponding achievement is unlocked, and 100 Skill Points are given (White Comet and Crimson Impulse are not included), the Skill Points are not given out if the characters have been unlocked prior to the update.
◆ Newly added Skill Point Achievement, when unlocking Valkyrie Chariot, the achievement is unlocked, and 50 Skill Points are given, the Skill Points are not given out if the characters have been unlocked prior to the update.
◆Stages that drop Character Fragments are now highlighted to the player.
◆The Shop now has a Beginner's Development Pack, Beginner's Benefit Fast Leveling

3. Game Optimization
◆Your previous browsing position on the Friend List will be remembered the next time you access it.
◆Friend details menu is now optimized, more emblems are now shown.
◆You can now share and post Valkyries and equipment info in chat.
◆You can now send Team Invites in the World Channel.
◆Armada Channel will no longer show Armada members achievements, this information will now be shown in the World Channel
◆Exclusive materials will now be highlighted when enhancing weapons or stigmata.
◆Items that are usable are now shown before other items and are marked with a small blue dot.

4. Stage Optimization
◆Content of some stages (Ex: Weekday Event stages) has been modified.
◆Weekday Evolution Material are now combined, Sunfire materials are now replaced with Tokiwa materials, Cross materials are now replaced with Sakura materials.
◆Weekday Event stages are now available for a limited period of time, Stamina cost for these stages has been reduced.
◆Weapon/Material/Character EXP/Befallen Honkai stages now have 12 difficulty modes.
◆Weapon/Material/Character EXP/Befallen Honkai stages can now be played only once every day, Stamina cost has been reduced, rewards remain the same.
◆The next stage shown in Storyline Stages has been optimized.
◆All monsters have their ATK reduced, the higher the level, the more the ATK has been reduced.
◆EX Stages will be locked temporarily, their reward is now added to the corresponding chapter's last stage.

5. Other Optimization
◆Daily missions have been optimized.
◆Chat menu has been entirely revamped.
◆EXP required to upgrade 1-Star, 2-Star and 3-Star equipment has been greatly reduced.
◆Shops will only be shown to the player once the required level has been reached.
◆Event mode will only be shown to the player once the required level has been reached.

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