Shadow Knight Confronts the Dragon


Welcome to the new version of "Honkai Impact 3" [Shadow Knight Confronts the Dragon]!
Battleship Hyperion upgrade completed! Thank you Captains for your patience. Ai-chan has already sent a compensation reward of 300 crystals (requires Captain Lv.6+) and 1 Stamina Potion via in-game mail. Please collect the rewards as soon as possible. (Please be sure to log in and claim it before July 13th, 04:00 (GMT+8), otherwise, you will miss the rewards)
Part 1. Update content:
1. Fighter Fu Hua joins the fray!
S-rank Valkyrie [Shadow Knight] and A-rank [Valkyrie Accipiter] join the fray!
◆S-rank Valkyrie [Shadow Knight]: mecha-type melee burst damage character that uses two kinds of combo attacks to quickly gain SP. In burst mode, Captains can use her relentless, storm-like combo attacks to batter the enemies.
◆A-rank [Valkyrie Accipiter]: psychic-type melee character that uses multiple fighting styles and special effects to act as a frontline fighter or a support character when mastered.
◆Captains can obtain and unlock the new Valkyries in the following ways:
1) An Expansion Supply containing [Shadow Knight] and [Valkyrie Accipiter] will be available from July 6th, 12:00 noon ~ July 15th, 12:00 noon (GMT+8).
After the Expansion Supply period ends on July 15th, [Shadow Knight] will be added to the Standard Supply pool.
* Reminder: awakened characters do not appear in Standard Supply crates; before the end of the Expansion Supply, [Shadow Knight] character cards or fragments will not appear in Standard Supply.
2) Captains can also collect fragments to unlock [Valkyrie Accipiter].

2. Storyline Chapter 7
Captains Lv.29 and above can directly begin playing Chapter 7 stages on Normal difficulty!
◆Theresa and her allies have decided to attack Schicksal Headquarters in order to save Kiana, who was captured by Fu Hua and Durandel. The story continues to unfold...
◆Chapter 7 has a total of 6 stages, each with 3 difficulty levels. All stages will be available as soon as the chapter opens after update on July 3rd, 04:00 (GMT+8).
◆Clearing one difficulty level will unlock the next difficulty level for the stage.

3. Divine Keys Pavilion
◆The shrine to display the Divine Keys has opened! Captains can enter the shrine by tapping [Base] - [Divine Keys] (Unlocked for Captains Lv.50 and above).
◆The limits for these weapons of great power can be removed via 'Harmony', which transforms the weapon into the powerful Divine Key.
◆Clear stages to collect the specified materials and gradually open the seal on the Divine Keys and level the weapons up.
◆Each time a Divine Key is leveled up, it will unlock a permanent passive skill or a non-permanent special skill. (special skills require using the same Harmonic Chord to unlock [Gene Limit] before they can take effect).

4. Summertime Battle
Come along and welcome the summer heat with some of your favorite Valkyries in swimsuits at the seaside. 
However, the legendary pirate treasure will all belong to Ai-chan!
If you want treasure, Captain, then you will have to play some beach volleyball to get it~
Wait, principal Theresa has a stern look on her face for some reason. Maybe this summer vacation... Won't be so simple after all?

5. Equipment Updates
◇ The armory has been updated with new equipment to assist in the [Honkai] war!
New weapons: Cygnus Guantlets, Grips of Tai Xuan, Yada Guantlets
New stigmata: Monet, Nuwa Figurine Master

6. Other Updates
◆All new 'Soul Throne' Raid stages! Clear the Soul Throne Raid on Normal difficulty to receive the weapon [Jizo Mitama]. Upgrade materials for this weapon can be collected in the raid stages.
◆New gauntlet added to Memorial Arena exchange.
◆After the update, Captains can use Crystals in the Logistics Terminal to purchase weapons, stigmata, and character fragments.
◆Added stigmata wafers related to Fu Hua and gauntlet weapons.
◆After July 5th,added drops to all Raid stages: Harmonic Chord items for removing Divine Key Gene Limits after.