Play like the Queen


Play like the Queen – Wind Battlefield @ Gamestart 2018 Singapore


Hundreds of brutal battles were fought in arena of Gamestart 2018 Singapore. A queen and her team of Valkyries trumped all other contenders. This written guide provides an in-depth walkthrough and reveals the true might of Fu Hua – Shadow Knight Battlesuit!

Selecting the buffs

SK is a lightning DMG dealer so make sure you have Elemental DMG buffs. Since you'll be fighting waves of boss monsters, remember to include that shield-ripping buff as well~

The Queen's line-up:

Mei - Lightning Empress: Battery

Fu Hua - Shadow Knight: The ultimate DMG dealer.

Bronya – Valkyrie Chariot: Wave 1 grouping (optional) + spectator / video recorder

Shadow Knight's skill highlights:

SK has a passive that deals more damage against slowed / bleeding enemies.

So how does she slow / bleed enemies?

By unleashing her Ultimate (tap and hold [Ultimate] button at 60 SP) to initiate the Eclipse Mode transformation. Also note that the Eclipse transformation will smash the ground, knock enemies airborne, and pull enemies closer to clump them and maximize SK's output.

Wave 1:

Feel free to use Bronya's black hole to clump the enemies (some Captains did not find the Bronya necessary, and used Divine Prayer instead).

Switch to SK. Tap and hold the [Ultimate] button to enter Eclipse mode. Tear through this wave of zombies, and charge forward to position yourself for wave 2.

Wave 2:

Tear through wave 2 using SK's combo attacks. Then MAKE SURE you exit Eclipse mode (by spending all your SP) before Wave 3, and go pick up SP packs to get 60 SP to prep for Eclipse re-entry.

Wave 3:

This is the trickiest wave. You have 2 floating witches that can summon debuff fields. But if you've prepped yourself (non-Eclipse mode and 60 SP in reserve), charge towards them, position yourself in the center of the 2 witches and unleash Eclipse mode.

NOTE: The Eclipse transform allows Fu Hua to smite the ground like a meteor, floats the enemies hit, and bleeds them to trigger her passive DMG buff against bleeding enemies. If you do this right, you'll be able to rip through Wave 3 easily.

Wave 4:

Brutality would rule the day. Make sure you position yourself properly to rip through the 2 samurais and toughened archer. Meanwhile, exit Eclipse mode (spend all SP) then pick up SP packs for 60 SP to prep for another round of Eclipse re-entry for the final round.

Final wave:

It's Wendy + Kitty + Archer. This one really depends on positioning and a bit of luck. Archer has skirmisher AI so she'll try to jump out of your way (and if she places herself further away, it will be tougher to beat the speed record). If you do this right, Eclipse entry will bunch the 3 enemies together, allowing SK to rip through them with her Eclipse mode combo attacks.

Enjoy the challenge, Captains! We'll see you again in the next event!